Lightwork Contest: Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Lightwork Contest. The contest officially ended this past Saturday and we have our winners!

First place goes to Nozzledog. Nozzledog has submitted a few different patterns and has done a particularly good job coming up with creative ways to exploit the linear medium to great effect! His highest rated patterns are "Chasing Rainbow 15" and "Predator."

Chasing Rainbow 15 by Nozzledog

Chasing Rainbow gives me the impression of something like a falling block game. The combination of dynamic sections and static sections as well as good use of fading effect makes this shining example of what is possible with the Lightwork Editor!

Predator by Nozzledog

Predator, Nozzledog's other ranking pattern takes a different approach and manages to tell a short story by creating the illusion of creatures moving along the strip. The pair of blinking eyes is unmistakable and watching the prey "scamper" into the bushes always gets me.

Pale Blue Dots by Mrhanman

In second place, we have Mrhanman's "Pale Blue Dots." This pattern makes great use of some of the intermediate colors and the graphical guides to create a pattern that cycles seamlessly and creates a mesmerizing repetition effect.

3ColorComets by Dan

Third place goes to Dan and "3ColorComets". Dan is one of our most prolific Lightwork submitters and has creates a number of very geometric patterns that look great when running on an actual Flickerstrip. 3ColorComets is one of his more popular patterns and has always gotten comments of appreciation at Maker faires and other Flickerstrip displays.

Future Contests

Just because this contest is over, doesn't mean that you should stop thinking of the cool Lightworks you can make! The next contest will start running as soon as all Kickstarter rewards are delivered and will probably run for a month or two right around the end of the year.

This contest should be a bit more active and competitive because by then there will be many Flickerstrips out in the wild to test your Lightworks on and try out other people's creations! The rewards for this contest will likely be in the form of extra extensions for your Flickerstrip!