Privacy Policy

Email Subscription

When you subscribe to our email list, we retain your email address indefinitely until you unsubscribe. We store analytics information on a per-user basis to measure the success of emails that we send you. We will NEVER share your email with anyone or use your email for a purpose other than what you have subscribed to.

Site Analytics

We use Google Analytics to gain insight into our website's usage and efficacy. We use this data to improve our reach and the user experience that we provide to visitors.


We record standard logging of website traffic that includes information sent by your browser such as operating system, browser version, and IP address. This information is used only for debugging and site optimization and is never distributed to any other parties.


We use cookies on our site to enhance your experience by remembering when you dismiss dialogs or enter data.

Storing and protecting your information

We employ the industry standard in securty and strive to keep our platform up to date and secure