Bring a touch of color to your smarthome with Flickerstrip, a Wi-Fi light strip that lets you upload colorful, dancing LED animations with your smartphone

San Francisco Bay Area based startup, HOhmBody launched Flickerstrip on Kickstarter today. Lightstrips are nothing new to the modern smarthome, but instead of just providing colored lighting, Flickerstrip supports custom patterns that independently control each pixel. Combined with the graphical pattern design interface in the accompanying app, this brings a new canvas for the casual doodler and seasoned artist alike.

Anyone who's been to a recent music festival has probably seen professional LED art strewn around the grounds, integrated into the stage, or meandering through the crowd. Flickerstrip uses some of the same technology to bring this art to the smart home. This art typically takes a measure of technical expertise to create, often including between moderate and extensive soldering and hundreds of lines of codes. Flickerstrip replaces this with a simple Wi-Fi setup process and a tool that lets anyone build their own animated patterns or "lightworks."

Flickerstrip connects directly to your Wi-Fi network without a base station and sets up in minutes with using the smartphone app. Once connected, to your network, the app gives you over the power, brightness, and which of the loaded patterns is selected. Most importantly though, the app allows you to upload new lightworks either by choosing one from the repository of user-contributed lightworks or by building a new one using the lightwork designer.

In addition to facilitating the creation of these lightworks, HOhmBody hopes to build a creative community around the ability to publish lightworks and rate or comment on those created by other users. "For the first time, the [LED art] community will have an easy way to share their artwork and benefit from the works of others," said CEO and founder, Julian Hartline.

HOhmBody is offering Flickerstrip in 10ft base segments with optional extensions. Each length of lightstrip sports a splash resistant silicon body and an adhesive backing that allows Flickerstrip to be mounted around doorways or along moldings or overhangs. Other creative use might involve integrating a strip into furniture, other household decorations, or creative projects.

While HOhmBody hasn't yet announced any specific technology partnerships, Flickerstrip boasts a powerful and open API that promises easy integrations into existing ecosystems and.