Flickerstrip raises the bar on home light strips by offering individually controlled pixels and animated patterns

San Francisco Bay Area based startup, HOhmBody launched Flickerstrip on Kickstarter today. Flickerstrip is the first of its kind, a neopixel LED strip geared toward a consumer market. Unlike existing light strips that display a single color at a time, neopixels allow Flickerstrip to display animated patterns that control each pixel individually. Using the accompanying app, users can load patterns to their strip, download patterns made by others, or build their own from scratch.

LED art has been a hot topic among artists and DIY enthusiasts for a few years now, but hasn't caught on among consumers due to a high barrier of entry, often requiring an artistic drive as well as both programming and hardware knowledge. Flickerstrip uses instead a graphical editing interface that makes it easy to create and edit animated patterns or "lightworks."

In addition to facilitating the creation of these lightworks, HOhmBody hopes to build a creative community around the ability to publish lightworks and rate or comment on those created by other users. "For the first time, the neopixel community will have an easy way to share their artwork and benefit from the works of others," said CEO and founder, Julian Hartline.

Flickerstrip's versatility comes not only from the endless lightwork possibilities, but also from potential for incorporation into home decor. The most basic use of Flickerstrip is as a fixture around the house. Running strips around doorways or along moldings or overhangs creates a unique and dynamic lighting accent. Taken a step further, Flickerstrip is easy to integrate into more advanced projects such as an infinity mirror, LED coffee table, or custom dance floor.

Flickerstrip integrates seamlessly with an existing home ecosystem by connecting directly to the WiFi network. Devices on the network can easily control, configure, or upload lightworks to connected Flickerstrips through the mobile app or desktop application.

Multiple Flickerstrips can be joined into groups and controlled together. Grouped strips synchronize the active lightwork and relay button presses to switch patterns or toggle the strips.

A powerful and open API makes Flickerstrip easy to integrate into home automation ecosystems, react to music or events, or interface with other applications.