Flickerstrip Lightwork Designer Contest

The latest version of the online Lightwork Designer comes with the new rating system that allows users to vote on lightworks published by other users. Higher rated lightworks bubble to the top of the popular list for everyone to see.

The launch of this version signifies the beginning of the first ever Lightwork Designer Contest. Users can submit as many lightworks as they like and winners will be selected based primarily on the community feedback provided by the voting system.

Think you've got an idea for a cool lightwork? Submit it to the contest before October 22nd for a chance to win a free Flickerstrip and other prizes!


  • First place: 1x Flickerstrip + 1x extension
  • Second place: 1x Flickerstrip
  • Third place: Flickerstrip T-shirt and $20 discount off of your next Flickerstrip order

To Enter:

  • First, register for an account on the HOhmbody Forums
  • Then, create a lightwork using the Lightwork Editor
  • Finally, save and publish your lightwork using the buttons on the Lightwork Editor
  • Browse through lightworks and vote on your favorites!


For the most part, we'll leave judging of the lightworks up to votes by the community. That said, we reserve the right to overrule the voting results if we deem it necessary in order to preserve the integrity and spirit of the contest.

When judging lightworks, we tend to favor lightworks that..

  • Display well when run on an actual LED strip (that may have a different color quality than the preview available in the Lightwork Designer)
  • Are original and innovative
  • Clearly show effort and investment (eg. isn't just a scribble of some colors that happens to look pretty cool)

Lightworks and entrants may be disqualified at our discretion, in particular we will be on the look out for:

  • Lightworks that very closely resemble a previously submitted entry
  • Vote manipulation (such as multiple accounts and bots)
  • Lightworks that display text or images in the 2D preview mode, but do not provide a compelling display when viewed on an LED strip.

Best of luck to all contestants!

Please post to the HOhmBody forums with any questions that you may have regarding the rules or the contest of the lightwork designer itself.