Flickerstrip API


  • GET http:///status # information about the strip in json
  • GET http:///power/on # turns the strip on
  • GET http:///power/off # turns the strip off
  • GET http:///power/toggle # toggles the strip power
  • GET http:///pattern/next # advances to the next pattern in the strip's memory


  • POST http:///config/name # pass json {"name":"myname"}
  • POST http:///config/group # pass json {"name":"mygroupname"}
  • GET http:///config/cycle?value=0 # set the automatic-pattern-change interval (in seconds, 0 to disable)
  • GET http:///config/fade?value=0 # set the pattern crossfade duration in milliseconds (0 to disable) GET http:///config/length?value=0 # set the length of the strip
  • GET http:///config/start?value=0 # set the start pixel of the strip (disables all pixels before this index)
  • GET http:///config/end?value=0 # set the end pixel of the strip (disables all pixels after this)
  • GET http:///config/reversed?value=1 # when set to 1, reverses the pattern so that it starts from the furthest pixel
  • GET http:///brightness?value=0 # set the brightness (0-100)


  • GET http:///disconnect # disconnects from the currently configured Wi-Fi network
  • POST http:///connect # configured the Wi-Fi credentials of the strip (post urlencoded data: ssid=Mynetworkname&password=mycoolpassword123)


  • GET http:///pattern/forget?id=0 # forget the pattern by id
  • GET http:///pattern/select?id=0 # select the pattern by id
  • GET http:///pattern/frame?value=0 # freezes the current pattern on the specified frame