Flickerstrip and the BioLuminOids

At this past East Bay Maker Faire, Flickerstrip teamed up with Erick Dunn the artist behind the Biolumenoids to bring some interactive LED artwork to the dark room.

Sculptures of light

BioLuminOids close up

The BioLuminOids are a series of unique sculptures that bridge the gap between technology and nature by combining the vibrant glow of LED pixels with organic shapes and casts from living things such as a head of cauliflower or the shell of a sea urchin. The result are these incredible, otherworldly tentacled creatures that look like they may have taken a wrong turn off a Sci-Fi movie set.

Interactive Sculptures

BioLuminOid tentacles

In the most recent generation of BioLuminOids, Erick has been incorporating the Flickerstrip controller as an easy and customizable way of adjusting the lighting effects that bring the sculptures to life. The granular control of the Lightwork editor allows him to control moment by moment how the creature is lighting up.

While the current incarnation provides primarily the ability to plan out a new light show for the sculpture, future versions of controller app will allow a more active interaction that will transmit actions taken on the app screen to the sculpture instantly in a way that's conducive to doodling.

The Biotron

While the BioLuminOids make for striking and futuristic decorations around the house, (yes, they are available for sale!) you may find it hard to find space inside for Erick's other project, the Biotron.

The Biotron is another sculpture that uses Erick's unique and compelling combination of LED pixel lighting and ordinary living things to create what looks like it could be a bioluminescent alien lifeform.

The Biotron is large and hollow and invites people to crawl inside it's glowing cavern that's riddled with luminescent alien nodules. Once inside, you're treated to a light show set to binaural sound effects that are carefully designed to lull you into an almost trance-like state.

For more pictures of the Biotron and the BioLuminOids, head on over to Erick's artwork page and check out the gallery.