Turn your Flickerstrip into a binary clock

The Lightwork editor works great for a number of different patterns, there are, however, a few limitations. The biggest of these limitations is that the Lightworks »

Getting the party started with Alexa/Google

Impress your friends with voice activated party mode using the Amazon Echo (Alexa), Google Home, Hue and LIFX smart bulbs, and Flickerstrip. Many owners of colored »

Flickerstrip and the BioLuminOids

At this past East Bay Maker Faire, Flickerstrip teamed up with Erick Dunn the artist behind the Biolumenoids to bring some interactive LED artwork to the »

Lightwork Contest: Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Lightwork Contest. The contest officially ended this past Saturday and we have our winners! First place goes to Nozzledog. »

Flickerstrip Lightwork Designer Contest

The latest version of the online Lightwork Designer comes with the new rating system that allows users to vote on lightworks published by other users. Higher »